Sunday, December 18, 2005

Psychoanalysis: Part 3

I was flyin through de filthy, polluted smog o' Coruscant's lower-middle atmosphere. I was followin' a Jedi Starfighter, piloted by a Quermian. Me. Dis be a dream sequence, mon, so I be watching past events unfold. I be talken on de commlink ta someone else, and I zoomed in ta listen properly.
Yarael: Dis be Jedi Master Yarael Poof, mon. How jah be doin?
Jango Fett: Skip the pleasantries, Poof.
Zam Wessel: Well, we're not going to get anywhere with an attitude like that, are we? I think someone needs a nice cup of hot cocoa!
Jango: Er... please, no. Hello, Yarael, it's nice to meet you.
Zam: That's better.
Deir starfighters drew up next ta mine, and Zam waved at me, flashing a huge grin and brandishing a big smiley-face ribbon. Jango did be mercifully unadorned.
Jango Fett: Right, let's get down to business. The bandits we're after have acquired... through us... a powerful weapon that could destroy Coruscant if it is used.
Zam: Those mean old bandits didn't tell us about that when we stole it for them. Now they won't give it back. She pouted.
Yarael: I heard all dat from Yoda, mon. What jah plan ta do about it?
Jango: We have maps of their ship with us. We recorded everything we could while we were there.
Zam: Conscientious bounty hunters at all times, that's us!
Jango: So, we have a fair idea of where this artifact is probably being stored. Our plan is for us to disable as many guards as we can, while you sneak in there and steal it.
Yarael: How big do it be, mon?
Jango: How big?
Yarael: I need ta know if I can carry it.
Jango: Oh. Um.
Zam: I hate to go saying 'I told you so' Jango, but I told you so! Never mind, everybody makes mistakes.
Jango: Come to think of it, this item needs a fairly powerful hovertrolley. Without one, we'll probably all need to be carrying it.
Steve the Spider: Freeze.
De scene froze in place, de starfighters hanging in de air, motionless.
Steve the Spider: So, whaddaya think?
Yarael: Jango and Zam... dat stupid plan o' deirs almost got me killed, mon.
Steve the Spider: Almost?
Yarael: We'll get to dat later, I tink. Won't we, mon? I never really forgave dem, jah know.
Steve the Spider: So maybe you wanted ta get back at them, don't ya think? But they're both dead now, aren't they? Jango died in the battle on Geonosis, killed by Mace Windu. And before that, he killed Zam Wessel himself.
Yarael: Yah... I remember dat, mon. It be hard ta imagine dat bimbo goin' after Senator Amidala. But dey both be dead. Dey paid de price for deir shoddy plans, didn't dey? Dey would'a been better off wit' me, I tink. I would'na killed dem, mon.
Den I shrunk, suddenly, down ta two feet tall.
Steve the Spider: And there goes another blob of resentment. There must be only one or two more to go. Come on, Yarael.
Yarael: Righto, mon.


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