Sunday, December 11, 2005

Psychoanalysis: Part 1

"Okay," said Steve de Spider. "I wantcha to think about why you're here."
"Eh... because jah gang o' hired thugs knocked me out and-"
"No, not *here*, here, I mean here, like, as opposed to *there*, you know what I'm saying?"
"The *ether*! Why d'ya think you haven't passed on, why are ya a force ghost? You're dead, buddy, you've ceased to be, you're an ex-Quermian!"
"Well, dey don't got no bongos in de ether, mon, as far as I know. Not rum either."
"That can't be all. You must have some kind of reason to stay, not just a reason not to go."
"I don't be followin' jah, mon."
"Unfinished business, Yarael, buddy. Unfinished business. That's what all youse force-ghosts have. Qui stuck around ta watch the show - well, as far as the end of Episode III, anyway - and maybe help out a bit to stop the dark side from getting the upper hand, you know? But you, you were never interested in the bigger issues. So why'd ya stay?"
"Episode III?"
"Uh... never mind. Just fuhgedaboudit. No, really, it's a very boring story."
"Yah, yah, whatever, mon." Steve de Spider wiped his forehead with his third left arm.
"Phew, that was close, almost caused a space-time anomaly... Uh, anyway, Yarael, buddy, I think your unfinished business has something to do with your final mission. It didn't go well, did it? Who was with you then? Zam Wessel and Jango Fett, huh? I'm right, aren't I? Tell me I'm right."
"How'd jah know dat, mon?"
"Listen, Yarael old buddy old pal, I know every little thing aboutcha. I used ta live in the three rings of fear, man. I was omniscient. But enough about me, hey? I want you to think back to your last mission. Just close your eyes, meditate, and remember."
"Okay, mon..." I sat down, shut me eyes, and started ta remember...


Blogger flu said...

Be careful. While your eyes are closed and you're concentrating on remembering your last mission, he's probably gonna try to take your watch.

6:48 AM  
Blogger Master Yoda said...

Some tissue you have? Make you cry Steve will. Try to make you talk about your mother, he will.

7:06 PM  

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