Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Analyst Told Me, Mon

De door of de padded cell opened slowly. And in walked a spider. Yah, one o' dem tings wit' eight legs, mon. Except dat dis one be five foot six. It held out its hand for me ta shake.
"The name's Steve, buddy, Steve the Spider, licensed therapist. How are ya?"
I ran over de people who I might have told about me jailbreak plan, mon. Brett, Jar Jar, Yoda- wait. Yoda. He was getten councilling for Bob de Bantha. He told Bob's therapist?

"So what jah want wit' me, mon? Did jah arrange for all de prison guards ta be Toydarian, so I could'na use me force-powers on dem?"
"Yeah, I admit it, that was me. Ya see, Yoda told me 'bout you, and I'm writing a thesis on the psychology of Force-Ghosts. What with there not being many Force-Ghosts ta go around..."
"So jah be gonna study me, do dat be it?"
"Nah, not exactly. I wanna cure you."
"Cure you of being a force-ghost, ya know what I'm saying? Send you on to the ether, and all that jazz. So how's that sound?"
"I be a force-ghost because I want ta be here, mon. I be gonna leave now." I went ta float though de wall.
"Are ya sure about that, buddy? You know, your last mission didn't go well, did it? Yeah, I've read your file. Do you think you chose ta be a force-ghost?" I stopped.
"I just... floated back ta Coruscant. I did'na tink about it, mon. It just seemed like de only choice."
"Hmm. Look, just stay a while and here me out, Yarael, old buddy old pal. It can't hurt, ya know what I'm talkin' about?"

Ah... what de heck?


Blogger Master Yoda said...

A very good analyst he is - but still over-priced he is, if me you ask.

6:06 AM  

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