Saturday, November 26, 2005

Too Easy, Mon

I be out. All it took were a few Mind Tricks, and those be me speciality, mon. I just had to wave me hand at de guards and say "Hakuna matata, mon" and dey let me out. Jah know, I kinda have to worry about de security o' dese prisons, though. Dere be all kinds o' heinous criminals in dere - arsonists, counterfitters, separatists, a couple o' Brett's chums. Now, I realise I be a jedi, mon, but if I can get out o' dere so easily, de prisoners could go AWOL at any moment. As a jedi, I feel I got ta try and sort dis out somehow. We *do* keep de peace, jah know. It's sort of our job. Master Yoda spends most o' his time giving people Force-Wedgies, Obi drinks too much beer to be any use for anyting, Mace just stares at his reflection, de narcissistic git, and none o' dem got any taste in music! Dey be deaf to de bongos, mon. So I got ta do my duty and fix up dis prison.

O' course, Brett don't like de idea much. A lot o' his smuggling partners- er... I mean... law-abiding citizens who got involved in terrible misunderstandings... be stuck in dere. So, here be de plan. I'll organize a prison break for all o' Brett's buddies, to keep him happy. Den, once I got dem out, I be gonna devote all me spare time to stopping de really dangerous criminals from escapin' dat place.

Sure, it seems like a strange plan. But hey, I got no bones, four arms, noses in me hands and a neck like a giraffe. Wit' all dat, a strange plan be nothing out o' de ordinary.


Blogger Noel of Neptonian said...

Well.. GOOD LUCK with it.

And I hope it works out as planed.

1:44 AM  

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